What Is the Cosmic Mass?

Post-modern times require post-modern rituals and worship...
getting high on beauty and on dancing (and sweating) hard is ancient wisdom.

~~Matthew Fox

 It’s difficult to transcend the everyday world and connect with Spirit with our heads bent and noses stuck in books,  be they prayer books or music books, holy or unholy books. Where the modern era of past centuries was all about text, today's post-modern era is about context.

So the Cosmic Mass replaces pews with a dance floor and replaces reading with dancing and meditation triggered by powerful imagery and music with DJ and VJ enhancement.  While a brief “teaching” is usually included,  the printed texts of modern worship are replaced in the Cosmic Mass by the context of experience.

While the Cosmic Mass was inspired by rave celebrations, its roots go deeper: to the ancient world traditions of ecstatic sacred dance. By enlivening the forms of modern worship with elements of rave and sacred dance, three things happen:

  • First, new life and inspiration flow, freed by ecstatic dance.

  • Second, ravers learn they can get high on worship itself, without the need for drugs

  • Third, no single minister carries the responsibilities of leadership; everyone participates in midwifing the grace of the event (no vicarious prayer!). Because everyone dances, everyone is contributing their priestly offering.


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