One of the most satisfying aspects of the TCM is the coming together of young and old who work together to plan the celebration.  All this work builds community and liturgy; the “work of the people” truly happening in the process.

How You Can Help

Before a Cosmic Mass can take place anywhere, two things are required: 

  • Host Organizations, Churches, and/or Spiritual Communities - The Cosmic Mass team coordinates liturgies by invitation and in cooperation with host organizations around the world. A well-presented Cosmic Mass can be an experience of bonding and growth in both spirituality and membership, yielding many long range benefits for both individuals and organization(s); in some cases likeminded organizations collaborate in hosting and/or sponsoring a Mass. 
  • Funding - costs for presenting a full-scale Cosmic Mass can run high, and may include team travel, staging and staffing. Much of the funding is raised by the hosting organization, church, or community and cosponsor(s); it is our hope to establish a general fund to relieve some of this weight and improve access to the Mass. 

Once these are established, the Cosmic Mass team works with the host/sponsor(s) to find the venue and put out a call for helpers with the following talents to stage the Mass: DJs and VJs; rappers and electricians; carpenters and altar builders (in addition to a central altar there are usually at least four other altars in the four corners to depict the theme of the Mass); live musicians; theologians; ritual leaders; security; graphic artists and more.  

For information on how your community or church can host a Cosmic Mass, how you can contribute to the offering of Cosmic Masses anywhere, or how you can participate in staging a Mass, contact Dennis Edwards, Executive Assistant to Matthew Fox, at