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Cosmic Mass: "What We Share" - Las Vegas, NV

Nicole Porcaro leads a Cosmic Mass on What We Share," at “Return of the Star Tribes:  Devotion to the Sky“ Sacred Ceremonial Retreat filled with prayer, performances, workshops, and offerings of wisdom, knowledge, and information at the Center for Spiritual Living, 1420 East Harmon Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada 89119,

The Retreat is a three-day weekend event scheduled for Friday, August 4th through Sunday, August 6th, 2017, and presented by and produced by Starsinger.  Seven7Sisters unites creative beings from all different genres into one breath, one united voice, one prayer and one collective movement to catalyze positive changes that are necessary at this time on earth.  This ceremonial weekend is primarily held and led by the lineages of the sacred feminine from different traditions in the world and will inspire and enhance creativity while activating true potential.  Three-day Ceremony Tickets are priced at $220 dollars.  Day Passes are priced at $70 dollars.  Night Passes are priced at $54 dollars.  All Tickets are available online at Pleiadian Productions here.

In The Cosmic Mass we will journey with the theme of "What We Share," through the Four Paths of Creation Spirituality; simultaneously we’ll be graced by the activation of the visual Seals of the Seven Voices. Together and in a sacred space we will hold and celebrate the Positiva: joy, beauty and awe! In conjunction with its duality called the Negativa: we’ll grieve the pain together in what we share then, emerge in the Creativa, to bless each other and to receive them. The next step is  to culminate in the Transformativa. In this, we will get fired up in order to return to our lives with a compassion in action. The flow through these Four Paths will be celebrated as a community in song, dance, music, poetry, art and prayer.