Participants Say....

The following are responses shared by participants over the more than 100 Cosmic Masses that have taken place over the past 20-plus years, as recounted by Matthew Fox in his autobiography, Confessions.

“I’ve been waiting eighty-two years for someone to connect my love of prayer with my love of dance. I took three buses to get here tonight and by the time I’m through praying the buses won’t be running so I will need a ride home.”

“We have been attending raves every week for five years, and what we were looking for in rave we found here tonight: deep prayer, community, and something you don’t get at a rave—a multigenerational celebration.”

“I loved it all but the grieving was the most powerful thing for me. I grieve alone in my bedroom but no one has every invited me
to grieve with others before.”

“I have been seeing a psychiatrist for twenty years and I am firing her on Monday. This is what I needed all along.”